Onyx Allure Collection “POWER CITRIC” Bar

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Powerful Citric Bar paired with Vetiver!!


Vetiver - Vetiver oil, also known as khus oil, is believed to be very grounding, calming and stabilizing, and provides a range of uses and benefits. Its calming and soothing properties are said to dispel anger, hysteria and irritability, as well as reduce neurotic behavior

Citrus - Besides having anti-inflammatory effects for skin, citrus oils like sweet orange, grapefruit, and orange essential oils are great for relieving stress, anxiety, and agitation. ... Aromatherapy is often used during massage because essential oils promote further relaxation and stress reduction.


Includes: Grapefruit EO, Lime EO, Sweet Orange EO, Vetiver EO, Goat’s Milk

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I noticed a rash on my arm and I'm not really skincare type of guy. But when I used the Black Pepper Pine it was gone within days! You've gained a new client for life.

Travis, North Carolina

[ on POWER CITRIC] This bar is really amazing. My wife bought this home and I was skeptical but honestly I’ve never felt cleaner. I can’t wait until it back in stock

Byron, US




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