Granted Beauty "Fuse" Bars

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We've done it again! Got our hands on some Granted Beauty "Fuse" Bars. If your'e familiar with the company, then you know when it comes to care and handmade products, they're second to none!


"The mystery bar. These bars are a little bit of everything.
I fused together some bars  that I kept from other restocks and added them in one🤗"   -Alyssa Grant


Added Oils: Almond, Jojoba, Vitamin E


Benefits: Moisturizing to the skin. Good for any skin conditions. Removed spots, Even skin tone, repair damaged skin, heal scars, and much more

Why choose us?

we take pride in your cleanliness

Have no fear, Onyx is here. We take pride and our time in guaranteeing you an elite quality product



I noticed a rash on my arm and I'm not really skincare type of guy. But when I used the Black Pepper Pine it was gone within days! You've gained a new client for life.

Travis, North Carolina

[ on POWER CITRIC] This bar is really amazing. My wife bought this home and I was skeptical but honestly I’ve never felt cleaner. I can’t wait until it back in stock

Byron, US




Human Tested.
Human approved.

never tested on animals

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